The Pillar To Post Difference

Our certified Home Inspectors conduct thorough, objective inspections of a home’s overall condition for your clients.

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Our Real Estate Agent Alliances

Pillar To Post™ is proud of the relationships we have with local agents and national real estate companies. We are an approved supplier with many reputable real estate and relocation companies throughout North America.

What You Need to Know About a Pillar To Post™ Home Inspection

Your local Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector provides valuable information about the condition of a property. We work with you and your clients when they are in the market for a new home. We examine the structure and major systems, then present their findings in an electronic document or a printed version. You and your client may accompany the home Inspector during their examination and discuss any questions that arise about the property.

Accompany your Client

Attending the home inspection provides the opportunity to explore the property with a professional Pillar To Post™ Inspector. It is during this top-to-bottom examination of a home where your clients have the opportunity to ask an inspector questions about the condition of the house. Being present and engaged during the process offers more insight into the actual condition of the home and its systems. Every house will have defects, some of them minor while some must be addressed prior to purchase. Our team will happily explain what they come across and answer any questions.

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Be Confident in Your Recommendations

We will help you understand the seriousness of any problems that plague the property. Having the correct information about the health and condition of a home empowers you to make informed recommendations to your clients.

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A Perfect Partnership

A professional home inspection provides more than an overview of the condition of a property, it provides your clients with peace of mind. You can make a confident recommendation to your clients when it comes to purchasing a home because of our expertise. Your local team is waiting to hear from you. Our quick response time allows you to schedule an inspection time that is convenient for you and your client.

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Team up with Pillar To Post™

Strengthen long-term relationships and grow new ones

Purchasing a new home is equally exciting and overwhelming. As a real estate agent, you are uniquely poised to answer a client’s questions, address concerns and help them with all the details associated with buying a home. Since a home inspection is required by most banks and financial institutions before a mortgage can be secured, having a reliable company like Pillar To Post™ as your preferred vendor makes you an asset.

Our existing relationships with real estate agents across the country are built on trust and mutual respect for the compatible roles each play in the real estate industry. Pillar To Post™ works to strengthen long-term relationships and grow new ones. Through this advantageous partnership, our mutual clients benefit greatly. Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors quickly respond to inspection requests and schedule appointments around your calendar and that of your client, the home buyer.

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What Real Estate Agents can Expect When Working with Pillar To Post™

Pillar To Post™ provides a professional examination of several essential components of a home. We welcome you and your client in attending the inspection. It is during the walkthrough of the home inspection that we answer any questions that arise about the property, point out areas of concern and advise of potential issues to consider when making an offer of purchase. Our home inspections show a home buyer the overall state of a home, enabling them to make a well-informed financial decision.

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Growth and Profitability Through Mutual Respect and Reliable Business Practices

Your vast experience in the real estate industry allows you to engage with your clients actively and educate them through the many aspects of becoming a homeowner. When your clients know they can rely on you when making such a life-affecting choice, you want to partner with an equally principled inspection company. Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors goes through rigorous training that allows them to evaluate the condition of a home’s major systems effectively. Once the home inspection is complete, the findings are printed in a detailed report and given to our mutual client. By looking out for your client’s best interest and helping them to avoid the common pitfalls when purchasing a home, you become an invaluable member of their team.

Desire to help others. As a Pillar To Post™ franchisee, you will spend time networking with Realtors and educating clients as they prepare to turn a house into a home.

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Beneficial Business Partnerships

Partnering with Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors creates a mutually beneficial relationship for real estate agents as well as home Inspectors. Professional partnerships between related industries drives growth and increases business for both parties. Working with us, a national home inspection company allows us to lend our credentials to you, while the trust you have built with your client extends to our team. By forging working relationships with real estate agents, we ensure a market share of the ever-growing real estate industry for both parties. Leveraging our tenure and your experience together ensures our shared client has reliable information to move forward in the home buying process.

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Pillar To Post™ is the Right Choice for Real Estate Agents

Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors conduct thorough, objective inspections of a home’s overall condition for your clients. Our inspectors are dedicated to protecting your reputation and your client’s interests.

Every Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector carries Professional Liability Insurance which includes Referral Protection™, providing you, the real estate agent, with peace of mind.

Our Expert Home Inspectors Are Trained and Certified Professionals

In-Field Training and Certifications

Many of our home inspectors attain additional certifications for added services such as radon inspection, mold/spore sampling, termite inspection and more to provide a comprehensive inspection service tailored for your individual needs.

Pillar To Post™ training and certification

In addition to standard licensure requirements for home inspectors, Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors receive additional in-class and in-field training.

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Structural Issues
  • Exterior and Interior issues
  • Roofing
  • Electrical systems
  • Building Envelope

The Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection

A Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector assesses the major systems of a home and provides available information about the overall condition of the property. You can help your client make a smart investment when you work with us.

Valuable Insight About the Home Ahead of Time

  • Identify issues within a home prior to helping your clients close on a property.
  • Real estate laws vary from one city to the next and we stay up to date on them all.
  • A home inspection is often needed before obtaining a mortgage from a bank or lending institution.
  • A home inspection is an excellent first step in home ownership.

Effortlessly Schedule An Inspection

Scheduling an inspection for you clients is a straightforward process, so follow our three easy steps and book today.

Request an Inspection

Complete the form on the page. Your local team will respond quickly.

Choose A Time

Choose a time for the home inspection that works for your client.

The Inspection

A Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector examines the major systems of the home and provides any additional services you specified in your booking.

Take the first steps towards helping your clients close on a new home today.

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The Best Home Inspection for Your Client

Our professional home Inspectors are waiting to work with you, the Real Estate Agent. Pillar To Post’s™ relationship with Real Estate Agents is one of mutual trust that we strive to grow and strengthen with each home inspection we provide for your clients. Our professional Inspectors are quick to respond when you reach out, and will schedule around your calendar, and that of your home-buyers.